Italy: Increased Power Output by 30%


Location: Castelfranco Veneto, Italy 

System Size: 13,86 kWp

Modules: 66 x 210 Solarday

Inverter: SMA EU SMC 6000 TL



The Challenge

The system had been installed four years before Tigo was considered for the project. The manager, Mattia Busnardo, knew that systems age and felt the system was not performing properly, but only had inverter data to make choices on maintaining the system. He read about Tigo Energy and thought that this might help him get more energy out of his aging asset and understand his plant better.


The Results

Three highly under-performing panels were detected using Tigo Energy’s module-level monitoring software. One of the panels had a broken bypass diode and was forcing all the panels in the string to produce about 30% less energy. All the panel level data available in the Tigo Energy monitoring helped the owner get replacement equipment within the warranty of his panel OEM while the unique physical localization view helped him get cheap and fast replacement service. Even though the system is on a flat roof, nearby air conditioning units were creating lateral shadows on the array, which created significant mismatch. After Tigo was retrofitted onto the system, the array produced 30% more energy than it had been previously outputting. Thanks to the installation of the Tigo Energy system, the plant Mattia is managing has become profitable and reached break-even 2 years earlier than planned.


“Thanks to Tigo Energy system, I’m seriously thinking to repower my inverters because after having eliminated the mismatch of the panels and limited a lot the shadows effects, I fear they will explode with all the more energy Tigo Energy is feeding…”

-Mattia Busnardo Plant Manager

To view a pdf version of this case study use the file below.


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