Australia: Cowra Toyota Chooses Trinasmart

Reliable Power Generation for Self Consumption

Location: Cowra, NSW, Australia
System Size: 21kW expandable to 33kW
Modules: 84 x Trinasmart 250 Watt
Inverter: Aurora Power One 27.6 Tri Outdoor
Owner: Cowra Toyota 




Running a dealership in the rural country of New South Wales is a full time commitment, and having just built a brand new facility Cowra Toyota had their hands full with day to day operations. With power costs continually rising and future pricing uncertain the business had to look at new ways to help themselves and their customers. Keeping energy expenses in check is critical and solar was one of the options Cowra Toyota considered to help reach this goal. Deciding to become their own power generator was a bold step and it would bring with it a whole new set of challenges for the business as well as new opportunities. The owners knew that running a successful dealership was their first priority and they did not want this new opportunity to distract them from their primary business responsibilities.


The Challenge

Cowra Toyota operates a brand new showroom and service center in a regional center and the building offers a great north-facing roof space for solar power
generation. The owners wanted to bring power costs down, achieve the best value for money, and not skimp on quality. Tracking the asset was also an important consideration for Cowra Toyota so that they could properly care for the system without causing a significant addition to their facility maintenance requirements.


The Results

After consulting with Ray Meeuwise from Midwest Solar, a local solar installation company, Cowra decided to start with a 21 kilowatt Trinasmart system. Based on modeling this would achieve a 50% reduction in site power costs, while offering the ability to increase the system sizing to a full 33 kilowatts in the future. Based on predictions the full 33kW system would provide up to 85 % of total power needs.
Having recently installed 60kW onto the local Cowra Bowling Club, Ray recommended a Trinasmart system.

Trina being one of the largest panel manufacturers in the world gave us the assurance of quality that we were after and the new smart panels gave us the KPI’s and visibility we needed to easily and efficiently track the progress of our new asset.” – Cowra Toyota

KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators


Customer Testimony

At Cowra Toyota we are mindful of our responsibility as good corporate citizens. If we are able to take steps that are good for our environment and good for
our business, well that makes sense. After reviewing our options, solar met both of our requirements. As a regional business we value our community and we wanted to keep the business local, to have local person for service and faults, local knowledge, and a business that could offer a quality product range that
was suited for country conditions. That is how we came to select Midwest Solar, and the Trinasmart product.


 Panel Level Performance Data


Installer Testimony

In the country everyone knows everyone, so your reputation is so critical to your success. That is why at Midwest Solar we only use quality products like Trina solar panels and SMA inverters, we can’t afford failures. As a country business I know all of my customers so I love the fact that Trinasmart provides the visibility I need to manage better outcomes for all of my customers.

- Ray Meeuwise, Midwest Solar


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