Tigo has created a free online product selection tool to assist in calculating string length and determining the number of Gateways and Cloud Connects/MMUs needed.


For TS4 integrated modules:

  • Select the desired features and provide the module count to generate a list of materials.

Selective deployment of optimization - If Optimization is selected (without selecting Long Strings), some additional options will appear. If using only a single string per MPPT, enter the number of shaded modules to receive a list of materials suggesting selective placement of optimization only on shaded modules. Selecting "No" will generate a list of materials with 100% optimization.

Long Strings - If Long Strings is selected, additional fields will appear for entering inverter voltage range and module voltage parameters. The numbers entered will suggest a maximum string size. Always consult your module and inverter datasheets when sizing your strings.

If Optimization or Long Strings are selected without selecting Monitoring and/or Safety, Cloud Connects and Gateways will be suggested as optional.

Please note that Cloud Connect and Gateway are required for data logging and rapid shutdown control. Optimization without communication is a feature exclusive to the TS4 platform.


For smart modules: 

  • Enter the number of smart modules (pre-TS4 solution) to determine how many Gateways and Cloud Connects are required.


For retrofit systems (add-on optimizers):

  • Select your connector type and module orientation, then input module parameters to determine which model of Tigo optimizer is suitable for the given module type as well as how many Gateways and Cloud Connects are required.


All information provided by the user (e.g. module parameters, inverter parameters) is the sole responsibility of the user. The tool is not intended to replace any of the rules and regulations related to PV installation, and Tigo assumes no liability for incorrect use. Refer to your module and inverter datasheets for voltage and current ratings and verify results with an engineer.


For additional information on design guidelines, please refer to our article on determining the number of Gateways and Cloud Connects needed.


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