Introduction: Become a SMART Solar Professional


To learn more about Tigo Energy, and get trained and educated about Smart Modules, take part in one of our online courses or live training sessions.

Whether you are selling, installing, or servicing Smart Modules or retrofitted systems, our Certification Program will take you to the next phase of solar. Tigo Academy offers live and on-demand courses and training programs to train and qualify your team and customers as Smart Module and Smart Retrofit system professionals. The Academy will teach you how to fully utilize the potential of Smart Module technology in order to leverage your business.

Tigo Academy offers a variety of programs, in three main categories:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Commission

Each course is specifically designed to address our different audiences and is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know at your convenience. Our trainings are organized in California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, with collaboration from our partners world-wide. We are always working to identify new and exciting topics for our courses and training sessions; we are open to suggestions and will gladly cooperate with partners to create new classes for specific markets.

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Our Design and Install courses are now NABCEP Continuing Education and Australian CEC registered courses. Upon successful completion of each of the courses, you'll be granted a 'SMART Solar Professional' certificate. Use the certificate to redeem 3 Continuing Education credits per course with NABCEP, or 30 points for CEC.



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