Hawaii: Increase Visibility

Mismatch Mitigation and Safety


Location: Honolulu, HI

System Size: 148.58kW

Modules: 646 Trina 230W

Inverter: Satcon 50kW & SMA 7kW

Monitoring: SMART Esset Management

Mounting Type: Unirac Sunframe

Completed: December 2011


The Challenge

The rooftop of Saint Francis School faced erratic shading from air conditioning unit obstructions. This combined with the unpredictable tropical weather patterns caused irradiance mismatch that significantly impacted the potential for energy production. The school also wanted to make sure that they had safety features to keep their school and students as safe as possible. 



The Solution

By using  optimizers on their array, which corrected for mismatch and irradiation variance, the school dramatically increased the energy production and safety of their solar array.




The Result

Tigo Energy’s optimizers allowed the school to not only achieve maximum energy harvest, but also allowed the system owners to identify several issues that impacted energy production promptly.

Children of the Saint Francis School are now able to participate in the generation of solar energy by monitoring the panels and learning from the data portal. Administrators can rest assured that the solar installation is up to the highest safety standards with Tigo Energy’s PV-Safe technology.


To view a pdf version of this case study use the file below.


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