California: Fast Installation with Smart Modules

Commercial Smart Module Installation


Location: Sunnyvale, CA
System Size: 113 kW
Modules: 462 Trinasmart PA05.20
Inverter: Solectria PVI95kW-480
Installer: Cobalt Power Systems


The WTA Indio project located in Sunnyvale, CA is the first commercial installation of Trina smart modules in North America. The Trinasmart module incorporates Tigo Energy’s technology directly into the junction box of Trina’s industry-leading solar panels to simplify logistics and installation costs.


The Challenge
The industry has accepted the benefits of power optimizers in commercial scale projects. The increased energy harvest, enhanced safety, and panel-level monitoring help drive higher ROI’s. For installers, however, mounting boxes to each solar module is a lot of extra work. The cost of adding additional boxes, managing inventory, getting the right SKU, matching the right connector and lead length, and the labor on the roof to install optimizers can be a daunting task.

"The Trinasmart installation went very well. With the integrated smart modules, there are far fewer components to install. This allows us to take advantage of all of the benefits of module-level optimization without the extra labor and inventory hassle. At the end of the day it saves us money and improves our bottom line."

- Mark Byington, CEO of Cobalt Power Systems, Inc.



The Solution

Tigo Energy teamed up with Trina Solar to introduce Trinasmart, an integrated smart module. The smart module offers all of the benefits of an add-on optimizer, but without any of the additional costs or logistics required. Because the technology is integrated into the junction box at the time of module manufacturing, an installer does not have to deal with the extra hassle. The smart module is shipped and installed just like a traditional module. This alleviates the hidden costs of having to buy and ship extra boxes, manage connector SKU’s, installation on the rooftop etc. Smart modules optimized by Tigo have all the benefits of optimizers, but none of the hassle.


To view a pdf version of this case study use the file below.

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