Maryland: Jones Dairy - 1.3MW Ground Mount

Upsolar Smart Modules in Ground Mount Install


Location: Maryland, USA

System Size: 1.3 MW

Modules: Upsolar 290W Smart Modules

Inverter: AE 500TX

Installer: ESI Power Corp. 


Jones Dairy Farm features 4,638 Upsolar Smart Modules
optimized by Tigo Energy



The Jones Dairy Farm in Massey, Maryland is a 1.3MW ground mount system that consists of 4,638 Upsolar smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy. By integrating the Tigo technology directly into the Upsolar module, the system energy harvest is optimized with no incremental labor requirements. This ensures the array has an optimal payback and high ROI even in a situation that does not have very much mismatch. The system is expected to produce at least 3% more energy than a traditional system, provide advanced operations and maintenance capability for low cost of ownership, and longer strings to reduce balance of systems costs.


Panel-level MPPT helps correct for mismatch caused by seasonal weather on site


An Investment

The 1.3MW project will produce enough power to virtually eliminate the electric bill of the Dairy Farm. The third generation dairy farm has a demonstrated commitment to providing green solutions, but found that solar was also a great economic investment.

Jones Dairy has demonstrated that solar energy is not only a way to boost sustainability, but is also a true business asset that will significantly cut energy costs. By working with ESI to deploy Upsolar smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy, Jones can be sure they’re getting the most out of their investment
– Stephane Dufrenne, President of Upsolar Americas

Combining Upsolar’s quality modules with Tigo’s power optimization allows us to remotely monitor our systems. With an expanded view into performance at the module level, we can ensure our portfolio is achieving peak performance at all times.

- Allen Lawver Director of Construction ESI


Tigo’s module-level monitoring caught this, a bullet hole from
an errant duck hunter


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