Do I need a Cloud Connect and Gateway If I don't Need the Data?

For add-on optimizers in the ES or 2ES series, and for the first generation of smart modules, a Cloud Connect and Gateway are required. 

The Cloud Connect is the latest version of the Management Unit. Customers with an MMU do not need to also have a Cloud Connect.

For systems with TS4, a Cloud Connect is only required for data logging or rapid shutdown. If monitoring and rapid shutdown are not desired, TS4-O and TS4-L can be installed without a Cloud Connect and still provide optimization (and longer strings if using TS4-L.)

Product Cloud Connect required?
ES series optimizer (ES50, ES75, ES110, ES170) Yes
2ES series dual optimizer (2ES50, 2ES75) Yes
JES series smart module junction box Yes
TS4-D (diodes only) No
TS4-M (monitoring) Yes
TS4-S (safety) Yes
TS4-O (optimization) Only for monitoring or rapid shutdown
TS4-L (long strings) Only for monitoring or rapid shutdown


Please refer to Tigo's design tool to determine the correct equipment needed for your system.


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