How are Tigo Optimizers Different from Microinverters?

Tigo Energy optimizers do not convert DC to AC. Our DC-DC solution enables greater energy harvest because it is 99.6% efficient and the installation benefits from highly efficient central inverters. In contrast, microinverters are only 95% efficient. As a direct result of high efficiency, Maximizers do not generate heat on the back of the module, which would reduce power production and harm the module’s long-term reliability. 

Additionally, Tigo's optimizers have unmatched reliability with few potential points of failure resulting from a significantly lower part count and no electrolytic capacitors. A typical microinverter has over 3 times the components Tigo has on its optimizers, and it has a few electric components which are unreliable, such as electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are not reliable because they use ionic conducting liquid that can leak or evaporate due to heat generation in a microinverter.

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