What Happens If The Cloud Connect/Management Unit Goes Offline?

A fully commissioned and discovered system can still produce optimized power while disconnected from the Internet. PV-Safe can be activated manually from the Cloud Connect/MMU but not remotely while offline.

The Cloud Connect/MMU is capable of storing production data while offline and the amount of data retained depends on the size of the system. For example, a system with 25 modules can store up to 30 days of production data, while a larger system will store data for a shorter time before the memory is full and the oldest data is overwritten. When the Cloud Connect/MMU is reconnected to the Internet, it will upload all of the stored production data. In the event of a short network outage, the data should fill in completely after reconnecting.


If there is no communication between the Cloud Connect/MMU and optimizers (e.g. system not configured/discovered, Gateway unplugged, no AC power to Cloud Connect/MMU) there will be no data collection or optimization. The optimizers have some local control and can respond individually to safety hazards or extreme drops in production from the PV module, but PV-Safe cannot be activated (or deactivated) either manually or remotely. 

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