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 Designing a Smart Module system consists of 3 steps:

  1. Determining the Smart Modules electrical layout
  2. Determining the number of Gateways 
  3. Determining the number of Cloud Connects/Management Units (MMU)

Tigo has created a free online design tool to assist in calculating string length and determining the number of Gateways and Cloud Connects/MMUs needed.


For a detailed training on designing a Tigo system, go to Tigo Academy or download the presentation or guide below.


Note: Always have your entire array (or at least all modules on the same MPPT) optimized with Smart Modules or retrofit optimizers.

If using TS4-O or TS4-L, it may be possible depending on your site layout, to use optimization selectively on a string.
Learn more about selective deployment of optimization here.



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