My inverter or AC meter says I produce less than the Tigo Monitoring, which one is correct?

Both are correct. Each is measuring a different value at a different stage in the power generation journey.

The energy production shown on the Tigo Energy monitoring is the DC energy before the inverter. The inverter will have some conversion losses when switching from DC to AC so what is reported after the inverter will be less energy, usually 2% to 5% less.

For example:
Tigo reports = 38.25 kWh (DC energy produced)
Inverter production view = 36.29 kWh (AC energy outputted from inverter)

With these two values, you can find the overall efficiency after the solar array and before getting to the grid.

36.29 kWh/38.25 kWh = .95 or 95% efficient which includes any losses in the DC wires, combiner boxes, fuses, breakers, and inverter.

The DC power is good to know for comparing with historical performance, viewing trends in shading, and seeing when things go wrong such as a string fuse, broken panel, shorted diodes in the panel, etc.


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