Gateway Communication Cable Guide

A communication cable is used to connect the Cloud Connect (or Cloud Connect Advanced - CCA) with the Gateway (GW) or Gateways.



  • 4 conductor communication wire.
  • UV resistant or direct burial
  • Outdoor rated
  • Minimum conductor size 22AWG (0.33 mm²)
  • Maximum cable outside diameter (OD) of 0.31 inches (7.87 mm)
    • Notice: it is typically easier to find these type of cables when searching for non-shielded cables, however both shielded and non-shielded cables can be used


 Recommended Cables

For the capability to run the gateway cable in the same conduit as PV wire, Omni Cable's 600V 18AWG 4-Conductor Tray Cable, P/N A21804 or Omni Cable's 600V 18AWG 2-Pair Tray Cable, P/N 21802 are recommended. This eliminates the need for the installation of a separate conduit for the Gateway. The cables on the table below that allow removing the grommet can also be in the same conduit.

If running these two cables in the same conduit is not a primary concern for your site, see the table below for additional recommendations:

The table above is not intended to be all-inclusive. Every cable that meets the requirements above is suitable.


Distance Guidelines

The table below calculates the maximum wire run for the gauge of wire and the how many Gateways are connected to the Cloud Connect (or Management Unit). The table lists length in feet, with meters in parentheses. 


Using CAT5 Cables

On residential systems, outdoor rated CAT5 cable can be used to make the connection between the Cloud Connect (or MMU) and Gateways. On commercial systems however, using outdoor rated CAT5 cable is not recommended as cable lengths generally tend to be longer (see details in the table above).


CAT5 Wiring Instructions

Because the “+” and “-“ conductors are providing the power to the Gateways from the Cloud Connect (or CCA) it is best to use more conductor for these two terminals in order to supply sufficient voltage to the Gateways, especially if multiple GWs are in use. The presented diagram demonstrates a means to use 3 conductors for “+”, 3 conductors for “-“, with a remaining twisted pair for A & B.


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  • Avatar
    Juan Pablo Millet

    Thank you for the information, very clear and convenient, since we generally install outdoor rated CAT5 UTP to connect PV inverters to our clients' local networks, and we were wondering what to do with the 4 remaining conductors.

  • Avatar
    Scott Muir

    Hi Juan,

    All of the conductors should be used, with 3 twisted together for each of the + and - connections as shown in the image above. This is so that the cable can carry 24V to the Gateway(s).

    Best regards,


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