Reduced Voc



Installers Love It

The ability to achieve 30% longer strings while remaining inside international safety standards significantly increases design flexibility. But greater flexibility isn't the only reason installers love Tigo's 30% longer strings; longer strings mean fewer strings and fewer strings mean fewer combiners, fuses, disconnects, DC feeders, etc. per Watt.  This reduces installation time and cost, allowing installers to complete projects more quickly, with fewer components, and at around $0.05/W lower cost. Overall, this leads to a decrease in balance of systems (BOS) costs of up to 30%.


Fewer strings mean less combiner boxes, fuses, copper and man-hours per installed kW



The lower maximum voltage from each module enabled by Tigo’s reduced Voc technology allows engineers to install longer strings than possible with traditional system guidelines. This design flexibility increases energy output while reducing overall system costs. At Tigo, we are certain that this will open up many more possibilities for homes and businesses go solar.


System designers, access all the information you need by viewing our Smart Module datasheet.

To learn more about the technology behind this exciting advancement, see our application note below.

Note: Only Smart Modules, i.e. PV modules with Tigo's optimizer integrated into the junction box, offer the longer strings functionality. Add-on optimizers, such as the 2ES, are not equipped with this feature.


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