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System Monitoring Tools

The Summary Screen is an important part of the Tigo SMART Asset Management software system. This screen shows the real-time and historic power production from each module in an array, which makes for quick and easy detection of under-performing modules. Tigo’s Asset Management software also includes charting tools and graphs to view complete historical production by system inverter, string, or module. These statistics can be viewed for the current day, past week, past month, or past year.



Going beyond reporting data, Tigo’s SMART software can be customized to automatically alert PV system owners of issues the moment the happen. These alerts are based on module-level analytics and are delivered to system owners conveniently and securely by either email or SMS.



The Tigo’s cloud-based SMART software enables users to log in from anywhere, including all handheld devices, as it is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. The software platform can show data from all types of systems, even if they do not include optimizers—making it a single destination to check the performance of an entire fleet. This powerful tool enables PV system owners to isolate and troubleshoot problems quickly and easily.



The Tigo SMART Asset Management software features the highest-quality data set possible from the Module Optimizers. Tigo delivers 1-minute module level data; power, voltage and current, for every system size. These data are unparalleled in their frequency, accuracy, and synchronicity.



The Tigo SMART Asset Management is fundamental to increasing the visibility of the internal workings of any PV array, which is essential to increasing system productivity. The benefits of Tigo’s innovative SMART software include higher system uptime, lower O&M costs, ability to more conveniently manage and track entire fleet performance, and a faster commissioning process.


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