Solution Validation: PHOTON


Tests conducted by PHOTON Laboratory, an independent German lab, objectively verify Tigo’s claim to be recognized as the market leader in DC optimizers. PHOTON’s tests compare the efficiency of four commercially available optimization solutions and the results were published in their associated magazine, PHOTON. The results of these tests not only demonstrate Tigo's clear advantage in energy production, they also highlight the unmatched overall value of Tigo's complete optimizer solution.


Tigo Leads in PHOTON's Unshaded and Shaded Energy Harvests


PHOTON’s unshaded energy harvest test is extremely important because it tests the scenario most similar to the conditions of a new, well-architected system during peak hours.  Independent PHOTON engineers tested each of the four DC solutions for improvement over a base case (today’s traditional array architecture). Tigo significantly outperformed all competition, generating 3.2% more power than the base case.  In this essential test, Tigo generated 3.5 times more incremental power than its closest competitor.



Energy Harvest in Unshaded Scenario


The second test performed at PHOTON examined the incremental performance of each DC maximization solution during shade conditions. Yet again, the results from Tigo were superior to those of all other products tested.  At more than 36% harvest on the horizontal shade test, Tigo again generated 3% more energy than alternative solutions.


Tigo Delivers the Total Solution


As the 2010 PHOTON tests and associated article prove, Tigo not only has a clear advantage in energy production, it also boasts a number of other significant benefits. The Tigo optimizer solution’s advanced communications function allows for the immediate elimination of output voltage in the case of emergency, thus significantly increasing the safety of the system. Furthermore, the Tigo solution delivers module-level monitoring to facilitate easy detection of faulty modules, therefore further increasing the productivity of any PV array and decreasing maintenance costs. The PHOTON lab results clearly demonstrate why Tigo systems can today be found in thousands of residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects.


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