How To Wire A Shut-Off Button To A Cloud Connect Advanced

PV Systems equipped with one or more Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) units can initiate module level disconnect (PV-OFF command) via an external shutdown button (External Push Button, "mushroom" button). The button is an off-the-shelf button, not provided by Tigo, that has these 2 parameters: 

  • Operation mode: Normally Open (NO) button
  • Latching mechanism: the selected button must have a latching mechanism (twist to release, lock with key, etc.)

Wiring diagram and instructions in Figure 1 and below.

Initiating module level disconnect is performed by pushing and latching the button. Any TS4 module associated with the CCA and capable of disconnect will shut down and result in 0W and 0V at the TS4 output.

The TS4 models capable of module level disconnect are: TS4-S, TS4-R-S, TS4-O, TS4-R-O, and TS4-L.

Power production will resume upon releasing the button by unlatching it (according to the selected button's mechanism).

Note: Cloud Connect / CCA should be equipped with software version higher than 2.8.5 to support this feature. 



Figure 1: connection of multiple CCAs to a single PV-OFF button


Up to 5 CCA units and a shut-off button may be daisy-chained together. Be sure to wire the grounds together in a series, and the signal switch wires in a series, as shown in the diagram above. No outside-source voltage should be placed on the AUX port, the ground of the system should be connected to the DC power line, and the left-hand pin should read close to 3V.  

When wiring multiple CCAs to the mushroom button, make sure that the maximum distance between the shut-off button and first CCA is up to 100 meters, and to maintain the maximum distance of up to 100 meters between the following Cloud Connect Advanced units.

Please note that this feature works only with our DIN Rail power supply option, and is NOT supported with the socket (outlet plug) power supply option. 

Recommended Buttons:

UL certified buttons:

Non-certified buttons:

  • Goele - LA115-A5 Push button (click here for details) 
  • 1688 - A22-RP-SW/K10, K01, K11 (click here for details) 


1. During the installation of any mushroom buttons, please follow the same safety precautions as if dealing with a system that is powered on.

2. Prior to servicing your system, please use a volt meter to make sure that neither voltage nor current are present and flowing through the PV array after having pushed the installed external shutdown button.

3. External mushroom buttons are a convenient way to disconnect a system, but are not NEC 690.12 2014 or 2017 compliant; please always follow NEC required procedures to provide the appropriate means of disconnection and signage to emergency personnel.

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