SMA Power+ Installation and Commissioning Guide


To install the SMA Power+ Solution and add module-level monitoring and optimization to your solar system, follow this guide. 

For systems with fewer than 50 TS4 units, there are 2 options for setting up the equipment:

Option 1: Configuration prior to Commissioning   Option 2: No Configuration needed

With Pre-configuration, the TS4 barcode labels need to be entered to the Tigo portal before commissioning the system. This method is ideal for customers that would like to know the exact physical position of each and every module. The process suits systems of all sizes: residential, commercial and utility.

To follow this process, go through steps 1-4 noted in this article.


This process fits only systems with up to 50 TS4 units, where the customer doesn't care to know which specific module is installed where.

With this process, no configuration is needed, and after step 1: Hardware installation, skip step 2: Tigo Portal Online Setup directly to step 3: Hardware Commissioning

Step 1: Hardware Installation

Install hardware as described in the Power+ Solution Installation video, found below:

To learn more about CCA LED indicator, click here.

To download a string list template that can help with an organized collection of barcodes, click here.

Step 2: Tigo Portal Online Setup

Hardware is now installed, and ready to be connected to the internet. Go to, create an installer account and a new site on the Tigo monitoring portal, and complete the 5 steps of the installation wizard.

Remember: If you install a system with 50 TS4 units or less and don't want to enter TS4 barcodes - skip this step completely. You will be able to rearrange the modules as you please after step 3: Hardware Commissioning is complete.

Step 3: Hardware Commissioning

Once you have setup your system online, follow the guide below to commission your system via the Tigo SMART app. 

Please notice the question: "Did you configure the system online?". If you scanned TS4 barcodes online click "YES", if you didn't scan barcodes and skipped step 2: Configuration, click "NO".


 At this point, you can go back to the Tigo portal to rearrange the modules with a simple drag and drop function. Click "Admin" tab, and then "Appearance" sub-tab. Choose either "Edit Site Map" or "Beta Editor" to open the window below and arrange your modules.


You can use the editor whether you skipped step 2 or not.

Step 4: Sunny Portal Online Setup

When your system is commissioned and collecting module level data, the final step is to send that data to a system on Sunny Portal.

For an automatic detection of your system's Tigo components in step 7 of Sunny Portal's online setup, ensure the following:

  • Only 1 SMA inverter is installed on site
  • The Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) is connected to the SMA inverter via ethernet, and the SMA inverter is connected to the internet via ethernet
  • The CCA is powered via a DIN rail power supply connected to the inverter's AC inputs
  • The inverter is turned on after hardware installation
  • The inverter is brand new

If your system does not meet automatic detection criterion, you can manually link your Tigo hardware to your SMA system in the Sunny Portal Plant Setup Asssitant by the following steps:

  1. At the bottom of Step 7. "Extended PV System Properties" in the field called "Tigo Components", login to your Tigo account. 
  2. Upon successful login, you will see a list of the systems associated with your Tigo account. Select the system you want to transfer data from and proceed.
  3. Your Tigo hardware is now linked to your Sunny Portal plant. Continue as indicated in the guide above.


That's it! Your Power+ optimized solar system is up and running!

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