South and West all fitted with Tigo - max current


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    Curtis Community Moderator
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    Hello Peter, 

    Thank you for contributing to the Tigo Community.

    Our engineers may be able to assist you with this issue but they would need some important design details. For this reason, I have opened up a service ticket for you, with our Support Team. They will be in touch, shortly. 

    In the meantime, please review this article for more information on issues with split orientations: 
    Designing your TS4 system for different tilts, angles, and orientation

    Thank you for your patience with this process. 

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    Olivia Barrow

    Dear Community members,

    to follow up on Peter's issue, being it a non monitored system (blind deployment) we were only able to assume the reason why the mixed south & west facing string aren't delivering as much as expected, is the PV-Modules will never have every module facing the sun in the same way due to their position towards the solar window. When the sun is directly facing the 4 south modules, the other 2 west ones are producing less power than the other 4. Optimizers help mitigate this problem, but effectiveness wanes after 25% mismatch. The difference in production between the south and west facing modules most likely exceeds 25%, which is why Peter isn't seeing full production.

    Your Tigo agents will always advise you to size your system (if possible) to have in each orientation enough panels to deliver the minimum input voltage of the inverter (V-Start). In the west orientation Peter could add some more panels to reach at least 120V and more!

    We hope this was useful and we'd love to see this system on Tigo EI!


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