TS4-AO No monitoring/CCA and problems with 1/2 cut panels


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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hi Craig, there's a lot to unpack here. These types of conversations are better suited for our Service team since there are so many routes to the final solution. You can find the contact information here: https://support.tigoenergy.com/hc/en-us/articles/4401866316307-Contact-Support


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    Craig Curtin

    Thanks for the quick response Greg. I have lodged a service call and referred to this thread



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    Babanna Suresh

    my guess is you need to have half cut panels only in portrait orientation and not landscape..if there is shading entire panel will be off due to the way half cut panels are constructed. Thanks


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Craig Curtin

    What Babanna Suresh has mentioned is very true.

    As you may be aware, all PV Modules have 3 diodes that can shut off in heavy shade events. However, the orientation of the PV Module may cause it to shut off more diodes than necessary. In the 3 images (below), you can see that the diodes are arranged from the top to the bottom of the panel (in portrait orientation). The 2nd & 3rd images show how they are affected by certain shading events, when their orientation is different:

    If shade blocks a majority of the area dedicated to any one of the diodes, that diode(s) will shut off. In cases where there is consistent shading across all 3, then the entire PV Module may fail to produce any voltage. This affects the Tigo product, as the MLPE (optimizer) sources its running voltage from the PV Module, itself. 


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