TS4-A-O not reporting production


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    Greg Smith

    Hi Kristian, a grey-colored module on your app means that there is a communication break, not a malfunctioning TS4. The most likely causes are bad wiring between the CCA and TAP or obstructions that may be obstructing the TAP RF signal to the TS4's. The good news is that you are not losing power. Your installer needs to check all the communication wiring in the system. Hope this helps!

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    Hello Kristian, 

    To be precise: A grey colored PV-Module on your app (or online portal) is displaying a break in communication between the MLPE unit, and the TAP (Tigo Access Point, on the roof. This can be due to a myriad of reasons. 

    However, if the unit has been changed out several times but never seems to communicate, it may be due to something very simple.... A lack of Serial Number entry (by the installer). 

    Tigo Serial Numbers are short renditions of the MLPE's Mac ID address. The CCA and TAP both require that Mac ID, in order to find and communicate with the MLPE unit. If an MLPE is replaced and the number is not updated in your Tigo Portal, then the new unit will never communicate with your system. 

    Since there is no communication coming from the unit, we will not know if it is producing, until it starts reporting data. 

    I have opened up a ticket with our Support Team, and they will confirm if this is the issue. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience with this process. 


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