Tigo TS4AO 500W


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    Enzo Francic

    Hi Rob,

    Great question!

    As a general answer, Tigo optimizers are not bypassing diodes. Our product is a DC-DC buck converter; therefore, we can "convert" the voltage of each panel into higher current, in this way you can match the highest current in the string and allow you to have the maximum potential out of your string. This is much better than bypassing diodes because you effectively use the power from shaded modules and at the same time reduce hotspots from the back of your panel.

    I suggest you have a look at our documentation in >Download >Technical Documentation>Whitepaper - Optimization with Impedance Matching and Predictive IV where our optimization mechanism is well explained.

    If the voltage in input in the optimizer is below 16V, the TS4 won't be able to turn on and therefore start working.

    For your particular case, we would need to investigate a little more. As there is no monitoring installed troubleshooting requires a bit more attention. I have created a ticket for your case,

    Wishing you sunny days,





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