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    Enzo Francic

    Hi Garry,

    Thank you for the request on the Tigo community,

    1.Good afternoon. Does anyone know if TIGO is compatible with gw10k-et inverter please? I just found a rather old document on the compatibility of GoodWe inverter and it’s not there. I found that gw10k-et should support tcp_modbus (only using LAN adapter) which is TIGO. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thank you. 

    The inverter is already used by some of our customers in the Tigo EI portal and successfully running. In the following blog, you can get an idea of how our compatibility is determined officially by an inverter manufacturer. Regarding the Modbus communication, Tigo has a very robust database of inverters and sensors integrated into our software. With Tigo, Modbus TCP is fully supported and integrated, therefore you can just follow this article's guidelines to implement the device into your system.

    2.If I will additionally install optimizers on the already laid panels, is it necessary to dismantle them? Or will it get easier?
    This is an application that we fully support. With Tigo, there is no need for grounding, nor the necessity of using screwdrivers to mount the optimizer. This will allow a very quick and easy installation on your PV module. To ensure the correct functioning and operation of your device I would suggest you respect the IP68 protection lines, by placing the optimizer under the PV module.

    3. Hello, I would like to ask if the cable that provides communication between CCA and TAP, namely the RS485 cable can be bought in a regular store of Electro installation material in metration, because when I was looking on the Internet, I couldn't find it in the metreage el, only in larger packaging, apparently for installation companies.
    Yes it can be bought in a regular store. The only limit that you need to respect is that the exterior diameter is below 9mm and the AWG gauge is at least 22. This will ensure stable and reliable communication between the devices. Please have a look at this article for further information.








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