system not producing power in mid day.


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Chung Liu,

    Thank you for your contribution to Tigo’s Community!

    Every system has a unique design and unique challenges. For issues like this, we strongly suggest contacting Tigo Support, where our highly-trained Engineers can provide an individualized review of your system and seek a resolution for you.

    I have opened up a ticket for you. An Engineer will be in contact to evaluate the issue very soon. Thank you for your patience with this process.

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    Hugues Leveille-Nizerolle

    You don't give much detail about your inverter.

    A while back I had a weird problem where on sunny cloudless days, my inverter would appear to throttle down 50% of my production.

    After month of investigation and monitoring, it appeared there was a problem with the Rule 21 implementation of the inverter. I found out my grid voltage was getting high (252-254), probably because of all the solar in the area, and the inverter was triggering rule 21 way too early causing the problem.

    Unlikely it is your problem, but thought I would mention it.


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