Tigo CCK loss of power rapid shutdown disable


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Samuel Kralik,

    Thank you for your contribution to Tigo’s Community!

    Every system has a unique design and unique challenges. In order to provide a solution, you may need to check in with one of our highly trained Engineers at Tigo Support and provide your non-grid-connected design for review purposes. I have opened up a ticket for you. An Engineer will be in contact to evaluate your options very soon. Thank you for your patience with this process.

    With this being said, the Tigo RSD solution is an automatic reaction based on loss of power from your AC panel (or 24 VDC power supply). To re-engage the system (after RSD), the CCA just needs to be re-powered. If there is no Grid, the power source can be an alternate source like a battery, generator or other power option. 

    For instances where you require manual control over RSD, there's the PV-Off function:
    PV-SAFE and PV-Off button - Installing a Manual Latching Push Button Safety Switch

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    ich habe beides in Betrieb: einerseits eine PV-Off-Taste für den Notfall, andererseits speise ich den TAP bei einem Stromausfall mittels Akku an. 

    English Translation


    I have both in operation: on the one hand, a PV off button for emergencies, and on the other hand, I power the TAP using a battery in the event of a power failure.


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