Pannel Selection and Voltage using TS4-A-O


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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
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    Hi Justin, thanks for the question. We have a Help Center article entitled Mix and Match Different PV Modules that addresses your question. 

    All modules in a string must be within 25% of each other from minimum to maximum voltage and from minimum to maximum current. Also, different strings must be within 25% for minimum and maximum voltage, current, and power produced by a string of modules.

    The Vmpp difference between your two modules is 29%, which is just a bit outside our design requirements. However, we are more concerned with the Isc rating of the module to determine compatibility. Assuming that value is within the 25% tolerance, I would put the higher voltage modules in the shaded area to mitigate as much shading as possible.

    Some expectation management is in order. Your array will be 62.5% shaded at some point during the day. Although optimizers can recover a lost portion of energy from shading and present that value as Reclaimed Energy, there are limits to what any MLPE can do. 

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    Justin Lydement

    Hi Greg, thanks for the quick reply. Maybe I should rephrase my original question as it might not have been so clear. Firstly I am not planning to mix and match panels, but rather select one type of 440W half cut cells panel to be installed in a string of 8. My question should then be, do half cut cells panels with a higher voltage perform better in shaded conditions when using TS4-A-O, compared to those with a lower voltage?

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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Justin Lydement

    Thank you for your reply and for rephrasing the question. 

    You are correct in viewing data sheets for the PV Module and comparing the maximum output to Tigo's MLPE data sheets (TS4-A-O). As long as the Module's maximum production lies within the specified limitations of the MLPE and the inverter's MPPT, it should be fine. Remember to also run the Temperature Correction (coefficient) of the Modules to make sure that the voltage will not exceed either of the system's components, in cold-weather conditions.

    Regarding half-cut panels: The TS4-A-O will function on a Split or Half-Cut panel. However, there are design consideration that need to be considered as the shading will affect the diodes (of this kind of panel) differently, than a single cut module. Here is another Community conversation on the topic: 

    Lastly, if you would like some assistance with this design, please feel free to contact the Sales Engineering Team. They will take the time necessary to compare all of the data sheets and design options to insure that you have the most productive system possible. 


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