3 Phase Application


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    Hi Rick-  that is a great question and one that we frequently get since our release of the EI Inverter. Our spec sheet states that it is compatible with 208V and 240V grids. The installation manual also shows four transformer configurations we are compatible with.

    Designing a three phase system using single phase inverters has been around for a while, but the main concern the inspector may have is the voltage imbalance of the site before and after the inverters are installed. Since our two pole breakers will only touch two of the three bus bars in a three-phase panel, inspectors like to see single-phase inverters installed in groups of three so that the inverters do not contribute to an existing imbalance. 

    You may or may not have to install in groups of three, but you will need to show the voltage imbalances between the phases to prove the inverter will not make an existing condition worse.



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