how much Tigo TS4-A-O Optimizer - 700W in a string


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    Hello Anees! Thank you for this question since it is a common one. SolarEdge has a different architecture for their MLPE and inverter and therefore uses non-standard PV design practices.

    The TS4s do not affect the string voltage you are used to designing for. When using the Tigo TS4s, The maximum number of modules per string is not dictated by our optimizers but rather by the operating voltage of the PV inverter you use in your project. You can use a string sizing tool to calculate the minimum and the maximum number of modules per string and how many strings you will need. This tool ensures the array will keep the voltage inside the MPPT window of the inverter and that you will not have too many modules per string to exceed the 600V limit (residential).

    All you have to do next is ensure the module is compatible with the TS4. Here is a Help Center article that discusses this essential part of the process.


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