Is there anyway to switch off /secure CCA's open WiFi SSID and bluetooth ?


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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Atif Qadeer

    Thank you for contributing to the Tigo Community!

    The SM-04C05BXXXXXX WiFi address is a temporary broadcast for connecting your phone/tablet to the CCA (as a second option to Bluetooth connection). It is meant for Setup (only), and the CCA should cease or hide the broadcast, within 2 hours... With that being said, the CCA does automatically re-start that 2 hour broadcast, after any AC Loss or CCA re-start event. 

    If you do not want to have this temporary broadcast at all, you can try these 2 methods:

    • Connect the CCA via Ethernet Cable and remove the antenna from the CCA.
    • Contact Tigo Support and request a remote WiFi SM disable (via software update)

    Please know that if you choose to have Tigo Support disable the WiFi SM signal, it will no longer be available as a second option. You must always use the Bluetooth in order to connect your Tigo EI App to the CCA. 


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