TS4-A-O makes hissing noise intermittedly


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    Josine Pentin Community Moderator

    Hello, Benjamin,

    Hissing sounds are not normal behavior. Tigo MLPEs should not be making any audible noises, clicking, or buzzing.

    I have created a ticket with our Technical Support team. They will be reaching out to you soon to work on the resolution.

    Thank you for contributing to our community.

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    Martin Jančík


    we have the same problem with a few optimizers. We observed that the optimizer whistles when the panel is shaded. During the shading optimizer starts shivering and stop with loud sound.

    Did you found any solution?

    Thanks for your answear.

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    Benjamin Biddle

    No, I haven't found a solution yet. I hope

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    Curtis Community Moderator Tigo Employee

    Hello Martin Jančík

    As per Josine Pentin's response, the Tigo MLPEs (TS4s) should not be making an audible sound. 

    For this reason, I have opened up a Support Ticket. An agent will be reaching out to you soon to assist in diagnosing the issue. 

    In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your patience with this process. 


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