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    Curtis Community Moderator

    Hello Nikos Mouzis

    Thank you for contributing to the Tigo Community. 

    I can see that you have a couple of open tickets with our Support Team. Please work with them, as they will be able to address any issues that may be causing  the Gateway to lose communication.

    In the meantime, Gateway communication errors are almost always attributed to a wiring fault. It can be caused by an old, damaged, dry or weathered cable. It may also be caused by squirrel, rodent or bird damage. In either case, it usually requires re-wiring the Gateway to the Cloud Connect. 

    My suggestion:

    1. Remove the Gateway and bring it to the same room as the Cloud Connect.
    2. Use a short, brand new wire to connect them (1 meter length).
    3. Restart the Cloud Connect
    4. Run the Gateway test on the Cloud Connect. 

    If you get a quality connection, then you will have confirmed that the original wire (leading to the roof) is no longer functioning. Replace it, and your system should work again!

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    Nikos Mouzis

    hello, i have already done all these steps, with no good results!

    it says missing gateway, but CC still shows modules and it says the system is in pv safe active.


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    Nikos Mouzis

    is there any phone number that i can call , and what are the communication hours(working schedule)

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    Greg Smith Community Moderator
    Early Adopter

    Hi Nikos. Here is our Contact Tigo Support Page

    Tigo Support Offices - Voice and WhatsApp Numbers

    North America (7 a.m to 6 p.m. Pacific Time): +1 408 402-0802

    South America (Brazil)+55 21-991045050

    +39 342 67 92 285 (English, German, Italian, Spanish)

    Middle East+972 50 687-8618
    WhatsApp: +972 50 687 8618 (English, Hebrew)

    Japan: +81 3 4567-6199

    China: +86 512 6587-4600

    Taiwan: +886 919 743-749

    Australia:  +61 413 251-081


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